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Me and my art

I am a self-taught artist with a background in Architecture and in Buildings Conservation.

I find great pleasure in sketching and drawing, the creative process gives me a sensation of freedom, autonomy, and inner harmony, and it has a soothing influence on me.

I create landscapes, architecture, and urban scenes; I especially enjoy drawing historical buildings in the countryside contexts - surrounded by greenery and water.

Being drawn towards nature refers back to my memories of a happy childhood in Poland and especially to the sunny summer holidays I used to spend with my family at one of the lake districts near my hometown. Swimming in warm lakes, sailing and fishing on the calm waters, long lazy walks through the fields and woodlands - these experiences made a big impact on my way of seeing nature and on my spirituality.

During my studies in Poland and later on also in Germany, I developed a particular interest in historical buildings and in their urban settings. Heritage architecture drives my imagination back in time and evokes in me feelings of mystery and magic.

My creations usually emerge in the form of either black & white or colored sketches and drawings. I enjoy experimenting with various tones (light & shadow) and techniques in the process of creating a 3D effect. The media I use are pen, pencil, crayons, ink, and markers and watercolors on paper.

I work from my small studio space at home in Cambridge (UK).